Xc0re Black List

For a while now we noticed that there have been many attacks on our website. We think that it is time to post the IP addresses in the form of an IP Black list. This might help other organizations, ban the IP addresses, before the cyber criminals can attack. The following list comprises of the

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Downside of keeping everything public – ICWATCH

I have been writing and preaching about Social network information harvesting and why it is a bad thing (Check out the post here). I recently stumbled upon something, which is, publicly known though, but still worth mentioning. The mentioned “something” is a very good example of why too much information about one’s self is never

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Phrack 67 !!

Phrack is one of  THE best hacking E-zines in the world !! Phrack’s 67th issue just released ! The most awaited release was a very big disappointment ! Phrack was and is known for its new technically super rich content about the Hidden networks, Compromising new technologies etc but this release was , except a

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Facebook Attack

Hey all , I was browsing through the net when I came across a Blog , which stated “Return of the Facebook Snatchers” . So naturally I opened the page and found , the ultimate breach of privacy for the Facebook Users ! Any one , even the users not registered at facebook can see the

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