BSR Webweaver 1.33 /script security Bypass vulnerability

BSR Webweaver 1.33

Author : Usman Saeed , Exploit @ Xc0re Security Research Group.

[*] Date: 15/09/09


[*] Attack type : Remote

[*] Patch Status : Unpatched

[*] Description : In ISAPI/CGI path is [%installdirectory%/scripts] and through HTTP the alias is [http://[host]/scripts] ,The access security check is that if the attacker tries to access /scripts a 404 Error response occurs ! Now to bypass and check the directory listing [That is if Directory Browsing is allowed in the server Configuration !] just copy and paste the exploit url !.
This is the reason this exploit is not called a Directory Listing Exploit !

[*] Exploitation :

[+] http://[host]/scripts/%bg%ae%bg%ae/.exe