Five hardcoded rules for System Security


I always watch people complaining that their data got currupted or they had a virus attack and they had to reinstall windows ! Well thats because people usually naive and innocent and the guy in the picture takes advantage of that innocence.

Well today ill tell you five hardcoded rules that when

you get your windows installed or you install it your self , you should follow the rules.

  1. After installing your windows , install an antivirus immediately. [People usually tell me that they dont run an AV (Antivirus) because it slows down their system. Well i will give a solution for this problem later near the end].
  2. Once the AV is up and running and is updated , install a personal firewall.
  3. Once the firewall is installed be sure to check if the Windows autoupdater is enabled.
  4. Now follow me : goto My computer . When the window opens goto the tools menu –> Folder options then when the folder options window opens goto the VIEW tab and under the hidden file & folder option , check show hidden files & folders then uncheck the hide extensions for known filetypes option.
  5. Install An AntiSpyware ! normally it comes with the package of an AV but i prefer a standalone Antispyware program.

Well if one follows these rules and sticks to them , he/she wont need to reinstall the windows ,every time a virus comes.

Now referring to the problems:

  • If the AV is heavy on your PC install a light weight AV . A very good example is AVAST AV
  • Personal Firewalls , well pne of my favourite is ZoneAlarm

Well thats all ! 🙂 hope every ones safe !