Writing a Simple Ftp cracker with perl.

Well PERL is a scripting language with the help of which one can make alot of good stuff ! Today ill show you how to create a simple ftp cracker !

DISCLAIMER: Every thing mentioned in this blog/post is for educational puposes. And I would not be held responsible for any illegal use of the material by any one .

Full version of the code is here

First off we include  NET::FTP:

use Net::FTP;

now what we will do is , create an ftp socket !

$ftp = Net::FTP->new($IPaddress, Timeout => 5);

where the IP address is the Ip address of the target system and 5 is the timeout to try out the next connection attempt.

Now we just have to add the code to check for username and password.

if($ftp->login(“ftp”,”ftp”)) {
$bogus = “CRACKED Username : ftp password: ftp “;

print “$bogus \n”;

In the abve code snippet the script checks against username = ftp  and password = ftp ! and if its attempt is a success itllgive a message :

CRACKED Username : ftp password: ftp !

Well one can hard code the username and passwords as i have done or get them from a file !

Peace !

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