Anonymous Proxies , a menace for hackers & innocent users

hey every body !

People usually hear that anonymous proxies should be banned because hackers use these to compromise systems. On the other hand proxies can be used to anonymously  surf  the internet. This is pretty comforting i know but we should all watch our step.


TOR (The Onion Router) , is a free software used for anonymity by almost every body nowadays. It is nearly impossible to trace a user  , once it starts using TOR ! It looks pretty awesome but it has a vulnerability or a weakness !

The weakness is the Exit-node sniffing problem.

In the above picture taken from Tor official Website
Alice wants to communicate anonymously with bib what would happen is that her traffic would be routed through the TOR network , exiting from the other side and reaching its destination that is BOB in this case. Now the until a packet reaches the last node of the TOR network or the Exit Node , the packet is encrypted but ass soon as it reaches the exit node it is converted to plain text , At that point if a hacker owns that exit node and simply runs a sniffer , he/she can get alot of info on the user. . Even FBI or Law enforcement agencies can use this trick to get a lead on the hackers. Many hackers and agencies are using this technique presently.