Hacking is an art !

HackingHacking is an art ! Most people think that its evil and learning it is totally a against the law. But i on the other hand would beg to differ. Learning to hack can make one better understand the  theory of attack and also can protect ones self against malicious attacks .
Hacking is specializing in the discovery of exploits in systems (for exploitation or prevention) [google.com / define:hacking]. Its a person own perspective to how he/she takes hacking , as an art form or as a crime.

So with the passage of time hackers were divided into different categories :

  • Black Hat
  • White Hat
  • Grey Hat

Black Hat hackers or crackers are the ones who intrude the system for profit or malicious activities.

White Hats on the other hand hack or penetrate a system or a network by proper authorization of the owner and if they find a vulnerability they are allowed to recode and correct the vulnerability.

Grey Hats also do what white hats do but after the authorized penetration testing they do not correct the code  , and only give the report of their findings to the right person.

So this was an introduction of what hacking is and why hacking is not a crime but an art !